Silvia Benedito is presenting at this year's ShiftxDesign Conference at Harvard Business School. It is an annual exploration of all things design. The event brings together creative thinkers, design luminaries, experts from a variety of backgrounds, and students to engage in and reinterpret the design process. 

This year's theme of Shift will focus on how shifts in design innovation can lead to social, cultural, and technological progress. The conference will provide a platform for discussion around the role of design in creating meaningful change in industries varying from fashion technology to smart cities to the future of learning.
Harvard Business School
Spangler Center
Batten Way
Boston, MA 02163
February 19, 2017

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Landscape Tunings available now through Actar Publishers!

Co-authored by Silvia Benedito and Alexander Häusler, the book examines the design potentials of the Danube River as a civic anchor, a bioclimatic medium, and a space for collective imagination in the city of Ingolstadt, Germany.

Landscape Tunings: An Urban Park at the Danube explores the city’s littoral landscapes with video-essays, drawings, walks, public installations, and exhibitions—each spotlighting the sensate-space where the city meets the Danube’s edge. It then showcases the bottom-up and tactical design approaches of the Stadt Park Donau | Donau-Loop project, which aims to foster the spatial embodiment with the riverine environments facing the present challenges of the anthropogenic era. With contributions by Günther Vogt, Andres Lepik, and Simone Schimpf, Landscape Tunings projects the role of littoral landscapes as a medium for the collective wellbeing of the city.


The local INTV featured Alexander Häusler and OFICINAA's regional and international work. 

"Ingolstadt (intv) Formen, Gebäude und Wirkungen im Raum sind die Leidenschaft von Alexander Häusler. Der Ingolstädter ist Architekt und hat das Büro Oficinaa gegründet. Inzwischen hat Oficinaa Fuß gefasst in Ingolstadt. Das neue Gebäuder der Lebenshilfe hat Alexander Häusler geplant. Aber da geht natürlich noch mehr."





The American Architecture Prize has honored us with a Silver Award in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture for LIVE WORK HELP. The Lebenshilfe workshop building and landscape elaborates on spatial comfort and psychological soothing for people with mental disabilities who wish to work while earning a living wage. These individuals are not always able to integrate within a "regular" working environment due to their labor limitations and often due to their heightened vulnerability to emotional unrest in particular spatial conditions or atmospheres.

The mission of the American Architecture Prize is to advance the appreciation of quality architectural design worldwide. Celebrating creativity and innovation in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design, AAP is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from architects all around the world.

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OFICINAA partner, Silvia Benedito, presented On (de)light at the inaugural conference of the Harvard GSD Office for Urbanization. An international group of GSD faculty, doctoral candidates, and a select group of GSD alumni were convened to examine Heliomorphism and its present potentials through three discursive frames: plug-ins, commons, and zero-sum, all suggesting new forms of urban order through solar orientation.




The book THERMODYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, coedited by OFICINAA partner Silvia Benedito, has won the XIII Spanish Bienale Prize.

Thermodynamic Interactions is an exploration into Material, Physiological and Territorial Atmospheres.  Energy and sustainability is a complex topic that needs to address simultaneously core disciplinary values and ideas that come from other fields of knowledge. The interconnection between the environment and its climate, its built structures and the human body requires overlying architecture with other disciplines such as meteorology, thermodynamics or physiology to engage them in a holistic way.

The book is structured in three blocks each with a coeditor —Territorial Atmospheres edited by Silvia Benedito, Material Atmospheres edited by Iñaki Ábalos and Philippe Rahm's Physiological Atmospheres—which present three distinct and successive realms at which thermodynamic exchanges are taking place. Territorial Atmospheres deals with the thermodynamic interaction between the environment and its built structures. Material Atmospheres focuses on the interaction between a building and the climate it generates. And lastly, Physiological Atmospheres centers on the interaction between indoor ambient and the physiologi-cal and psychological effects on human beings.

available here: http://actar.com/thermodynamic-interactions/



The Lebenshilfe's interior glazing design strategy and layout featured in Baulinks, a German trade journal.

"Ein Großteil der Innenverglasungen unterstreicht den planerischen Ansatz mit zurück­haltend und ruhig wirkender Flächenbündigkeit. In großzügigen Formaten reihen sich Glaselemente aneinander, die neben Helligkeit auch viel Durchblick und dadurch das Gefühl von Freiraum schaffen."


3rd Prize for Neue Mitte Dörndorf development. The new community centre connects existing municipal buildings while a park and fountain bring the community together.


JUN’ 16

ARCHITEKTOUREN organized by​ the Bayerische Architekturenkammer 

Am Auwaldsee 72, 85053 Ingolstadt 
Sa. 25.June 2016, 10.30 - 12.30 
Tours at 10.30  und 11.30

LIVE | WORK | HELP   is a newly completed workshop for people with disabilities. Reduced to the essentials, the design focuses on the specific needs of those who will be working there 

"Architecture for all" is this year's motto for the Day of Open Architecture in Bavaria. An opportunity for the interested public to access a variety of newly completed buildings and be introduced to the contemporary architectural discourse, guided by architects and builders, visitors are invited to tour the building and ask questions.


MAR’ 16

A+AWARDS special mention by​ ARCHITIZER 
We are happy to have received one of two special mentions in the category FACTORY | WAREHOUSES of the prestigious A+Awards Architizer for LIVE | WORK | HELP.
We are happy to have received a second recognition from Architizer Awards. In 2010 we were selected with our project for the "Statue of Unity" for Berlin.

A+AWARDS special mention von ARCHITIZER
Wir freuen uns über eine von zwei special mention in der Kategorie FABRIKEN | LAGERGEBÄUDE des angesehenen A+Award von Architizer für die Behinderetnwerkstätte LIVE | WORK | HELP.
Wir freuen und eine zweite Auszeichnung von Architizer Awards erhalten zu haben. 2010 wurden wir für unser Projekt für ein Denkmal für Einheit und Freiheit in Berlin, der Einheitsstatue ausgewählt.



On Atmospheres - Spaces of Embodiment Symposium at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
The symposium has been organized by Silvia Benedito (MAUD ’04), assistant professor of landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

On Atmospheres - spaces of Embodiement Syposium an der Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Das Symposium zu Atmosphäre in Gestaltung und Design wurde von Silvia Benedito, Assistenz-Professorin an der Harvard Graduate School of Design organisiert. Viele der Themen welche die Büroarbeit inspirieren werden hier diskutiert.​
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Pneuma(tic) Bodies installation at the Carpenter Center, Cambridge, MA
The symposium "On Atmospheres" is accompanied by the installation, Pneuma(tic) Bodies, a collaborative project by Silvia BeneditoAlexander Häusler, and Jill Johnson, on view at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, from February 3-21, 2016. 

Pneuma(tic) Bodies Rauminstallation im Carpenter Center in Cambridge USA.
Begleitend zum Symposium "On Atmospheres" ist die Rauminstallation Pneuma(tic) Bodies, eine Zusammenarbeit von Silvia BeneditoAlexander Häusler, and Jill Johnson, am Carpenter Center von Le Corbusier, der Kunstschule der Harvard University, vom 3. bis zum 21. Februar 2016 zu sehen.


Finalists in competition for Peterborough, NH riverwalk development. Three Firms were choosen out of 10 invited firms. Stay tuned for final results from the community board.

Engere Wahl beim Wettbewerb für einen Uferpark der Gemeinde Peterborough, NH. Drei von 10 eingeladenen Büros wurden ausgewählt. Die Entscheidung wird nach Geiner Bürgerbeteiligung entstehen.​
LINK  Town of Peterborogh



+360 Weathers extended until Mid February​.
The felt projection room was extended until February 21. Come and check it out.

+360 Weathers wurde bis Mitte Februar 2016 verlängert.
Der Projektionsraum aus Filz ist noch bis Mitte Fabruar zu sehen.


UNBUILT: Design Miami/Harvard GSD Pavillion 12-2 until 12-6. showing two of our unbuilt projects shown as models

UNBUILT: Design Miami/Harvard GSD Pavillion 2.12 bis 6.12. mit zwei unserer ungebauten Projekte bei der Design Miami


+360 Weathers - Exhibition opening at Harvard GSD Mon 10-26 until 12-20

+360 Weathers - Ausstellungseröffnung an der Graduate School of Design, Harvard University Mon 26.10. bis zum 20.12


Work started at the workshop building in Ingolstadt 

Produktion in der Werkstätte für die Lebenshilfe Ingolstadt wurde aufgenommen


Sample Installation for the Donau-Loop

Bemusterung für den Donau-Loop


LAF magazine features “Aeolian fields”
A new urban park to Cool, Produce and Play

LAF Magazin stellt “Äolische Felder” vor
Ein neuer Park zum Abkühlen, Anbauen und Spielen