Campo Mineral

  • 1st price EUROPAN 10, international competition
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2010
  • Team:

  • traffic planning • infrastructure • urban space • microclimate


Campo Mineral is set on the physical premises that guided Lisbons form, through its particular topography, hydrology and geology. Taking the actual geographical characteristics of the site and its context into the design we tried to develop a sustainable approach to ecology and urban living. Campo Mineral is proposing a new civic-infrastructure figure based on:
• the soil characteristics (high level of geological porosity for flood control and water management),
• Lisbon's logic of the main Avenues (Republica, Campo Grande towards Alto do Luminar and Airport Site)
• the expansion of Lisbon's ecological network (Campo Grande towards north as continuos green zone)


A new "Avenida" is proposed as a significant linear extension within Lisbon's urban grid. The asymmetric street section proposes dense buildings on one side, and an urban park condition with public amenities for the other side, in order to create a lively populated street. The MINERAL surface of the ground emphasizes porosity for the geological, ecological and urban life condition. The buildings create open zones for people to interact and become porous in themselves to allow an interactive social life style for housing, work and learning. With different openings and stone materials the architectural expression builds on Lisbon's context, while transforming into a contemporary presence.

Competition Area with mayor avenue location and large highway traffic hub.


2.Price and Honorable Mentions at EUROPANCONCORSI